1. Four Ways To Lose Your Driving Privileges

    Many people assume that everyone has the right to drive a vehicle. They often forget that driving is a privilege, not a right. There’s a great deal of responsibility that goes along with being in control of a machine that can easily cause destruction or in the worst cases, take someone’s life. Therefore, the state of Georgia (like other states) considers reckless and negligent drivers to be a …Read More

  2. Five Safe Driving Tips

    When you get behind the wheel, chances are you are thinking of a million different things and driving safely is not usually not the most important. With more and more drivers on the road and many of them being distracted with their cell phones and being in a rush to get to their destination, it is more important than ever to drive defensively and with focus. In today’s post from AGLC DUI & D…Read More

  3. Four Reasons For Taking a Defensive Driving Course

    According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, defensive driving programs, also known as driver improvement programs, teach drivers about safe driving attitudes and behaviors. According to this definition, a defensive driving program sounds like a class that should be taken by new drivers as a safety precaution. However, for many drivers, their first experience with this type of program i…Read More