Drinking and driving is a serious issue. Although it may not seem like a big deal to drive home after having a few drinks with friends, the ramifications of driving under the influence can haunt you for years. In today’s post from AGLC DUI School, we hope you will think about the consequences before getting behind the wheel, and this is why we want to discuss the potential repercussions in more detail. Keep reading, and if you find yourself being charged with a DUI and looking for an Atlanta DUI school, contact us to fulfill your education course requirements.

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Every state takes driving under the influence very seriously, and Georgia is no exception. Although the biggest motivator behind not drinking and driving should be safety, both for you and others around you, many people don’t consider that drinking and driving could lead to serious injury or even death. For many drivers, the thought of having to pay a big fine, spend time in jail, or losing their license is more of a deterrent.


If you get caught driving under the influence, don’t expect to talk your way out of a hefty ticket. First-time offenders are subject to fines of up to $1,000, license suspension of up to one year, and even possible jail time, among other things. The laws are created as such to prevent people from taking a chance, even one time.


If you are charged with a DUI within five years of your first offense, be prepared for even more serious consequences. This time around, you’re likely to get a minimum of 30 days of community service, your license can be suspended for up to three years, and there is a minimum mandatory jail sentence of at least 48 hours, but up to one year. Additionally, a fine of up to $3,000 may be assessed and an interlock device may be required for your vehicle.


People who are charged with a DUI for the third time can expect even tougher ramifications. There is minimum jail time of 15 days, a fine of up to $5,000, plus your license can be taken away for up to five years. These are just some of the penalties you can face. For a full list and more information, you can visit the Georgia Highway Safety website for impaired driving laws and penalties.


Regardless of if this your first offense or your third (or more) Georgia law requires anyone who is convicted of a DUI to complete a DUI Risk Reduction Program and a clinical evaluation. The 20-hour DUI program is standardized and schools that offer the training must be on the list of Georgia Department of Driver Services approved locations.

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