AGLC DUI and Defensive Driving School has been providing Duluth drivers with DUI and defensive driving courses for years, helping them improve their driving skills, learn from their mistakes and improve their lives as a result. The safety and well-being of the community have always been a main focus for us, and through our virtual DUI and Defensive Driving classes, we’ve been able to provide drivers with the tools they need to succeed. Whether you’ve had your license suspended, received a reckless driving ticket, wish to reduce points off your driver’s license or otherwise, our virtual DUI and Defensive Driving classes are designed with your convenience in mind. To learn more about our DUI and Defensive Driving courses, contact us today.

COVID-19 has impacted our ability to host in-person courses at this time, but we are fortunate enough to be able to offer our courses virtually via Zoom. Much like our DUI/Risk Reduction program, our defensive driving course is also available virtually. While this is not a road test or a driver’s ed course, this course can help drivers in a variety of ways, some of which we’ve covered previously. Let’s take a look at a few more of the benefits that can come from taking our virtual Defensive Driving course.


Taking a defensive driving course can help you improve your driving skills, even if you feel as though they don’t need improving. Whether you’re driving a few minutes to the grocery store or several hours away on vacation, traffic-related risks present themselves the moment you get behind the wheel. Defensive driving courses teach you a variety of skills to help you preemptively spot hazards while driving, as well as give you the skills you need to avoid them.

While you can’t drive for others on the road, you can certainly be prepared for a variety of different circumstances that may occur when driving. Whether it’s a reckless and irresponsible driver on the road, poor road conditions, or otherwise, a defensive driving course gives you the skills you need to identify and safely react to situations and scenarios like these, as well as others. It will make you more prepared and keep you safer, and in some situations, may even save a life.


Unless you’re a brand new driver, chances are you’ve been driving for a few years now, and with that in mind, it’s entirely possible that you may not be able to recall all of the things you learned in drivers ed so many years ago. You learned those things to pass the class and to pass your driving exam, but there are a handful of things that get taught during driver’s ed that you may not be able to recall.

Taking a defensive driving course will refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic safety. In taking our virtual Defensive Driving course, you may realize that something you thought to be true was actually false, or that you’ve maybe been doing something incorrectly all this time. It never hurts to refresh your memory on things that affect your day-to-day. When it comes to driving, taking a defensive driving course can help you feel more safe and secure in your abilities as a driver.


Ultimately, there is no such thing as being too safe of a driver, and by taking a defensive driving class, you’ll make yourself a safer driver. This will not only increase your own safety, but the safety of your passengers as well as other drivers on the road. Few drivers are absolutely flawless, and you can certainly always improve your own driving skills. Ultimately, taking a defensive driving course can only make you a better and more assertive driver, and only good can come of that in the long run.


These are just a few reasons as to how our Defensive Driving course can serve your needs. Our defensive driving course is designed to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver, regardless of your reasoning for taking it. Currently, this course is offered virtually via Zoom as approved by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) due to COVID-19, but in some ways, this can actually work to your advantage. You can complete the course from the convenience and comfort of your own home in just six hours, receiving your certificate of completion via email as soon as you finish the course.

AGLC DUI School is committed to being the best DUI and defensive driving school in Georgia. Offering a variety of resources, like our DUI/Risk Reduction class, our Defensive Driving class and more, our goal is to help you improve your driving and increase your safety, allowing you to move on and move forward with your life. To learn more about our virtual Defensive Driving class or other virtual classes, contact us today.