According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, defensive driving programs, also known as driver improvement programs, teach drivers about safe driving attitudes and behaviors. According to this definition, a defensive driving program sounds like a class that should be taken by new drivers as a safety precaution. However, for many drivers, their first experience with this type of program is when it is ordered by court mandate.

At AGLC DUI school, we offer a Georgia DDS-approved 6-hour defensive driving course, and we would like to help you learn a little more about it. First and foremost, you should know that defensive driving courses have several purposes beyond fulfilling a legal requirement. There are several benefits of voluntarily taking our class, which we will explain in today’s post. Keep reading, and then give AGLC DUI school a call to sign up for an upcoming class.

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One reason why people may choose to take a defensive driving course is to reduce the number of points they have received for various driving violations. In the state of Georgia, a driver that has acquired 15 points within the course of 24 months can have their license suspended. Because of this, many drivers will take a defensive driving course to reduce the number of points they currently have.

In order to reduce points, you must present a certificate of completion to the DDS for a certified defensive driving course. This can be done once every five years, for a maximum reduction of up to seven points. For more information, you can refer to the Georgia DDS webpage regarding points and points reduction.


In the state of Georgia, there are several reasons for a driver’s license suspension. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to, driving under the influence, no proof of insurance, and points violations. For each type of suspension, the path to reinstatement will vary. However, completion of a defensive driving course is one way to possibly get your license back, depending on the reason for suspension and circumstances.

For instance, according to the Georgia DDS, if your license has been suspended due to an accumulation of points, there are specific steps you can take to get it reinstated depending on your age and suspension occurrence. Completion of an approved defensive driving course is often one of the requirements. For more specific information, you can refer to the Georgia DDS page regarding license reinstatement.


Insurance premiums are one of the most costly aspects of owning a car. But what if you could do something to reduce them? Completion of a defensive driving course is one way that many people can get a reduction in their insurance premiums. By attending just one six-hour class, you may be able to save up to 10% on your current rate. To find out more, contact your insurance company to see if you qualify for this reduction.

As an added benefit, if you choose to take the defensive driving course through AGCL DUI School for the purpose of getting an insurance discount, you might be eligible to receive a discount on the price of the course. Contact a member of our team to inquire about this option.


How much is your personal safety worth? How about the safety of your family and the people around you? For less than one-hundred dollars and just six hours of your time, you can learn essential safety skills that could possibly prevent an accident or injury. Some people don’t realize that you do not have to be court mandated to attend a defensive driving course. You can enroll because it makes sense to do when you live in an environment that has an increasing amount of traffic and staying safe is your priority.


If you need to take a defensive driving course to meet a legal requirement, or if you are interested in taking one for any number of other reasons, AGLC DUI School makes getting your certificate as simple and painless as possible. We are a Georgia DDS-approved school with multiple classes available on various days of the week, making it convenient to fit into your busy schedule.

If you have additional questions, check out our page with frequently asked questions or give us a call.